Timothy McAtee

I was only born a few years before the release of the Brood War, so my first exposure may have been before I could even remember. I grew fond of custom maps, as I was too young to competently play ladder. That, of course, changed with Starcraft 2. While going to school, I’ve devoted as much time as possible to appreciating Starcraft as a game, sport, and community because I want it to be something significant in my life.

Besides a growing interest in Starcraft, I’ve come to appreciate various forms of art. I did not specifically address Starcraft’s artistic value earlier, but the characters and environments are brilliant expressions of creativity that have lasted over 14 years. The beauty of the Starcraft universe is demonstrated by its simplicity and immortality.

It seems that art is something I want to be significant in my life too. What better way to satiate both desires than to combine the two into something awesome and then, on top of that, share it with everyone else who is just as enthusiastic about Starcraft?