Scott Reed

Hello, thanks for visiting Gosu SC. I’ve been a passionate follower of professional Starcraft 2 for almost two years now. I grew up with Brood War and played it often throughout Elementary and Middle School, but had no idea that a vibrant e-sports scene was exploding in popularity and talent just across the Pacific, in South Korea. In 2010 I discovered the professional Brood War scene and rapidly became immersed in its history and culture. I may not have been around to witness the legends such as Boxer, iloveoov and Savior in their prime, but I could live that period vicariously through vods, replays and TeamLiquid write-ups.

Starcraft is unique within gaming because of its sheer strategic depth and intensity. Playing Starcraft at a high level is akin to playing chess while attempting a piano concerto.

The players are known for their ingenuity and dedication, often playing 50 or more hours a week. The competition is so fierce that even with this schedule, the majority of players will never make a mark on the scene.

The fans are unequaled in their amazing support for the game and its’ players. When Jaedong was having second thoughts about his life and accomplishments, fans across the globe organized and delivered an amazing book filled with their artwork and messages. We did the same for Nada following his recent retirement from professional Starcraft, and I hope we continue in this way for many years to come.

These are precisely the reasons that this site was created. I hope you find something you like, and continue to visit. I may be D- on ICCUP, but if I can serve this community quality content (and awesome products) then Gosu SC will be a success.